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Forex Managed Accounts

EcoForex Ltd. offers Forex managed accounts services to Big Boys, Bank customers, Liquidity providers and brokers mainly, We cover Master accounts, Institutional accounts, Firm's accounts and FIX API accounts under this segment. Customers are capable to invest minimum $100K are welcome to get the benefits of pure manual price action based trading here.

This segment is specially designed for FIX API traders and other investors, who has at least $100K initial trading balance or more than it. Our recommendation is a pure ECN account with RAW Spread should be opened by participants, because we don't want to get interfered anyone between trading platform and exchange. 

EcoForex MetaTrader 4.png
  • Minimum Balance100K USD Only

  • Monthly Return90% to 110% per month

  • Minimum Leverage: 1:100 or above 

  • Accounts TypesAny Forex Account 

  • Maximum Risk: 5% to 10% Draw Down

  • Trading Platform: MT4, MT5 & WebTrader

  • Profit Sharing Ratio: 50% : 50%

  • Company Charges: 50% Profit Share

  • Payment Modes: Crypto Currency

Just 3 Steps to Join us

First of all choose a segment at least that's suitable for you based on your investment size.
Open an trading account* and make a deposit according to selected trading segment.
Finally, share your MT4 login details included (Trading Password)* with us through Email or Telegram Support.
  • If you don't have any trading account with any broker or any bank, kindly find any good broker to open it, or you can choose our recommended brokers. Please go through the provided link below.

  • Please note, we never share your MT4 login details (Included Investor Password) with any other clients or third party. As well as, we don't use client's MT4 login details for advertisement purposes if clients are not allowed us.

Recommended Forex Broker.png
Recommended Forex Brokers
Check here for recommended brokers and open an trading account based on your investment size.
EcoForex Recommended VPS.png
Recommended Windows VPS
Find out the low budget windows VPS for Auto Trading segment and let your MT4 run non-stop 24/5 hours.

If you have more queries regarding Capital Management Services or would like to discuss about Auto Robot Trading, please feel free to contact us directly via Telegram Support, Live Chat, Facebook and Email. Click on below given contact us button, we love to assist you.

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