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Who is EcoForex ?

EcoForex Ltd. is a world-leading group of experienced Forex Money Managers and Market Analysts. We offer an investment management service worldwide, providing investors with the opportunity to profit from the Forex market without actively trading themselves. Additionally, we offer an Automated Trading Robot to streamline Forex trading and reduce human effort.

Our group is supported by a number of professionals, including Market Analysts, Portfolio Managers, MQL4 Coders, Chartered Accountants, MBA graduates, Web Designers, Software Engineers, and other senior executives, all of whom have extensive and diverse experience in their respective fields. After a long period of dedication and hard work, we have uncovered the secrets of the Forex Market and developed unbeatable Forex trading strategies. Our strategies are primarily based on price action movements and incorporate built-in money management formulas for long-term and secure trading income. Most of our trades are related to the Intra-day trading segment and include proper Stop Loss and Take Profit levels, minimizing the chances of investment loss.

Our mission is to assist investors and traders in making their Forex Market endeavors more profitable and to enhance their economic status through robust capital investment return strategies, guided by the successful trading principle of 'Maximizing Profit and Minimizing Loss.' Furthermore, EcoForex provides Auto Trading software for investors who prefer self Auto Robot Trading in their MetaTrader 4 accounts. Interested investors can explore our Auto Trading segment.

Our Motto: Economic freedom for our Investors.

Why Auto Trading ?

It's widely recognized that there are multiple options for trading the Forex market. Auto Trading is one of these options and serves as an alternative for those who lack extensive experience in Forex trading and the time required for manual trading.


When engaging in manual trading in the Forex market, it's crucial to possess a good understanding of fundamental, technical, and sentimental factors. However, when you choose to trade using robots, you are relieved of the need to manage technical or fundamental analysis on your own. This makes Automated Robots an excellent choice for traders who are new to the trading field and have limited knowledge in this area. 


Forex Robots are capable of managing your portfolio and effectively mitigating trading risks. They also reduce the stress associated with trading. The reason for this is that manual trading demands constant monitoring of market trends. When you utilize trading robots, you are separated from these market trends. Moreover, there is minimal decision-making required when using this trading software. Simply deposit funds into your MT4 account and acquire an affordable VPS. Afterward, your automated trading is initiated!


EcoForex is dedicated to empowering our clients to invest with trust and confidence. We offer swift Forex capital management solutions for those who are unable to engage in self-trading. Our utmost priority is to deliver the best results for our valued customers, helping them overcome losses, debts, or any Forex trading-related challenges with a modest deposit of just 100 USD, which most traders can easily afford, and potentially earn up to 100% to 150% per month. 

Our mission is to provide economic freedom for our investors and offer them a smart income based on a small capital investment that they can comfortably manage. Client satisfaction is of paramount importance to us.

Our overarching vision is to become the premier global capital management services provider. We aim to achieve this by upholding the highest standards of customer service and ensuring that our clients are treated with fairness. Our goal is to establish a stable and trustworthy global investment management services provider.

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