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What is ECN Robot ?

ECN Robot is a successful MetaTrader 4 trading strategy that gives most accurate signals based on the Eco Chart. This Robot works in two ways 'automated and manual' trading modes. The process is very straight. Eco Chart sends trading signals to ECN Robot and Robot immediately takes the trades based on coming signals. Moreover, it identifies the Major Trends of the market, Support-Resistance levels, Daily High-Low and Pivot points. This Robot take care the opened trades by adding strict Stop Loss, Take Profit and Trailing Stop. If market changes the Trend so it neither opens multiple trades nor does the hedge. This is very honestly Averaging Free; Hedging Free; Martingale Free; Arbitrage Free and Grid Free trading robot.

ECN Robot is capable to trade on all trading segments and generate attractive returns on your investment. Mainly, it doesn't require any large investment to work. Users can deposit a very small amount of 100USD in ECN or Standard Account. Interesting point is that ECN Robot works nicely with only 1USD deposit in Cent Account and this fact is 100% true. ECN Robot never bounds the traders to choose any recommended Forex brokers or trading account, because all Forex brokers are acceptable basically who provides MetaTrader 4 platform.


ECN Robot is able to generates 80% to 100% profit within 22 trading days or a single month time period. To enhance the ROI, users can attach the Robot on extra trading charts or segments based on the free margin of their trading accounts.


Eco Chart Template

Every traders knows that an Automated Trading Robot or EA is not successful without any successful trading strategy. That's why Eco Chart is the spine of ECN Robot, and it's a main trading strategy that works in background for automated robot. Usually, this is a manual trading template that appears the Long-Short trading signals on MetaTrader 4 charts. Eco Chart trading template is fully optimizable and it's designed for all types of the traders, they can use it as a Long Term Trading Strategy, Day Trading Strategy, Scalping Trading Strategy etc. They can add their favorite MetaTrader 4 indicators and filters to make it more suitable for them.


ECN Robot has gained 749% Secured Profit within 6 Months at 10% overall total Draw-Down.
Please Note: Published Myfxbook results has taken from our existing client who shared his Myfxbook with us. Existing clients can share their Investor Passwords for publishing their results on the telegram channel and Myfxbook. Name of the clients, Account Numbers, Investor Passwords and Contact details would neither be shared with any third parties nor used as advertisement purpose without clients permission thanks !

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Key Features of ECN Robot

ECN Robot has some unique key features that makes this Auto Robot different and popular than other software in the foreign currency market.

Fully Automated 24/5 Runs

This is a fully automated EA, it opens and closes trades automatically in your MT4 account around the clock.

Brokers Compatibility

ECN Robot is compatible for all MT4 brokers and all types of the MT4 accounts like Micro, Mini, Standard, ECN & Cent account.

80% - 100% Monthly Growth

ECN Robot makes an average 80% to 100% amazing profit monthly on low risk level.

Trend Based Strategy

ECN Robot is based on multiple technical indicators and it's a combination of Eco Chart Trend trading strategies.

More Safe & Secure

ECN Robot has inbuilt Stop Loss to reduces the trading risk and makes the trading account more secure.

Dual Trading Mode

ECN Robot offers dual trading modes with the help of Eco Chart template to trade manual and automated in the markets.

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Pricing and Payments

The regular price of ECN Robot kit is $999. Currently, we are offering this Kit on 50% discount right now. Multiple accounts holders can buy Unlimited Version at just $1199 only. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q  How long I would get the Robot after making the payment?

A.  Within few minutes, you would get the Robot through email after confirmed your payment.

Q  How many files would i get in this zipped pack?

A  Mainly 5 types of files are available in this zipped pack. (1) MT4 Robot file, (2) Indicators files, (3) Set files, (4) Template file, (5) User Installation Guide.

Q  Do i need any future updates after buying this Robot?

A  No! ECN Robot is already updated version and also compatible for all new MT4 build versions.

Q  Can i use this Robot on Multiple Brokers and trading accounts?

A  No, $499 charges are for 1 Live + 1 Demo account only. For Unlimited Brokers or MT4 Accounts you can buy Unlimited Version for $1199 only.

Q  Which account types are better for ECN Robot?

A  All types of Metatrader 4 accounts are suitable for the ECN Robot.

Q  Are there any Recommended Brokers for ECN Robot?

A  ECN Robot is all MT4 Brokers compatible. But our mostly clients are using FBS Broker due to best trading conditions and environment. You can select any Accounts Types according to your requirements.

Q  What is the minimum account balance required for ECN Robot?

A  ECN Robot runs safely on $100 with Micro, Mini, Standard accounts. It also runs smoothly on Cent account with $1 deposit.

Q  What's the recommended leverage for this Robot?

A  Minimum Leverage should be 1:200, bigger than it is more profitable.

Q  Is VPS complusory for this Robot?

A  No, it's not compulsory. Moreover, a normal configuration Windows VPS gives better trading results.

Q  Can i direct use the Robot on Live accounts?

A  Actually it's up to the clients, but we recommend to use it on Demo account for understanding the trading strategies. Because Robot can't be back tested that's why we provide a free demo license along with a Live one. Test the software on demo account first and then go with Live account.

Q  Can you guarantee that i'll make money using this Robot?

A  No one can ever give such a guarantee. However, Robot makes profit more than certain. Even you will be pleasantly surprised to know that ECN Robot makes 80% to 100% monthly profit on very low risk. Custom setting of the EA allows you to get more return as you expected.

Q  If I happened not to like this Robot, can I get money back?

A  No! we are a group of capital management services provider instead of a Software or MT4 Robots seller. We don't give any money back guarantee to the clients regarding our any services, because software are under Digital Goods category, any return or refund are not applicable on this category.
Kindly note: ECN Robot will pay for itself in just a few trading days, so you won’t even need to seek a refund.

Q  How many trades does it take once?

A  ECN Robot always opens 1 trade per pair.

Q  What is "Unlimited Version" of the Robot?

A  Unlimited Version allows to a user for trading on his/her multiple MT4 accounts without any restrictions. Unlimited Version cost is $1199 onetime for lifetime.







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