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Every trade is inspected by Auto Robot

- Low draw down 10% to 15%
- Up to 100% to 150% monthly growth
- Reduce the trading risk with stop loss and trailing stop
- Hurry up and Buy an Fully Automated Trading Robot Kit today !

Eco Robot v2.0 Myfxbook Results

Every trade is inspected by Auto Robot

- Low draw down 10% to 15%
- Up to 100% to 150% monthly growth
- Reduce the trading risk with stop loss and trailing stop
- Hurry up and Buy an Fully Automated Trading Robot Kit today !

ECN Robot Myfxbook Results


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Our Services

Our Services

EcoForex considers & cares about all types of Investors and traders that's why we offer both options to enter in the market independently with capable investment size. EcoForex Ltd. offers Capital Management Services, along with auto trading software like Auto Forex Robot to facilitate individuals and institutional customers to trade in the Forex Industry. We help investors and traders who are in the Forex Trading business and facing a lot of problems during self-trading in their trading accounts. Some who believe in Auto trading so we provide Best Forex Auto Robot for effortless profit.

EcoForex does manual trade in client's MetaTrader 4 accounts and provides them a good profit percentage at the end of the month. During this operation, we use pure manual trading strategies according to market situations and behavior. EcoForex has designed two trading segments (Auto Trading and Manual Trading) based on customers requirements and capabilities.

All trading options are available here, it doesn't matter if you are a big or small investor/trader. Our trading segments offer a best profit percentage ratio according to investment size as well low risk level for making more secure profit with your investment. Choose any trading segment according to your requirement or suitable for you and enjoy the profit every month.

Why Choose EcoForex ?

We are a world leading group of experienced Forex Money Managers and Market Analysts, and we provide an investment management service world wide that gives investors the chance to make money without trading themselves in the Forex market. As well as, we offer Automated Trading Robot to reduce human efforts from Forex trading . The group is backed by a number of professionals, including Market Analysts, Portfolio Managers, MQL4 Coders, Chartered Accountants, MBA’s, Web Designers, Software Engineers and other senior executives having rich and wide experience in their respective fields.

Our Motto & Vision 
: Economic freedom for our Investors.

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Clients Feedback

Clients Feedback

The happiest clients are served by EcoForex within a short time period

Mr. Sebastian Berglund.jpg

Sebastian Berglund
Stockholm, Sweden

I’ve been waiting for this service for such a long time. I’ve been getting your services for a few months already and this is fantastic, First of all i would say thanks from my heart. I see open orders when you do trade in my account, but it's not that easy to understand how do you calculate the market and makes $$$$, Kindly share logic with me LOL !

Regular Results Broadcast

Our team broadcasts the regular latest trading results through Telegram Channel and Facebook Page. For latest results you can join our trading community by the given links. 

Please Note: Any client who wanna get broadcasted their trading results on our Official Website, Telegram Channel, Facebook Page can share their MT4 - MT5 login details with us. Your personal information including Trading Password, Investor Password, Client Name, Email address, Contact details etc. will be safe and secure thanks..

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Big Boys & Institutional Clients

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